Rain Drops are fallin on my head

When its cold outside I feel like soup, and when I dont feel like that wack campbell shit, or progressive crap I hit up wholefoods, If my ballin status ever reaches a thousand trillion I’m gonna put a wholefoods in my house. Their whole deli counter/hot food lineup is off the charts, but it was raining, so soup. Tortilla soup sounded good, even though when I got it I realized it had no meat in it.

Tortilla Soup

So I had a spare rotisserie chicken laying around and had to hook that shit up in it



Had some bottom of the bag tortilla chips laying around, and some old feta (chea!)


Then the dust settled



Good Luck – Into Lake Griffy

lakegriffGood Luck – Into Lake Griffy

Alias – Sixes Last

Hala Strana – Fielding


Hala Strana – Fielding


The History you should know. One of many LA Legends. and shit.


Cold Goodness

Being lactose intolerant is like being a kid who likes candy but has a shit load cavities, Sure you can eat the candy, but is it worth it?. Cheese diary product being my favorite I’ll suck it up and ruin my stomach any day for some Feta, but its the other dairy products, the yogurts, the milk (uh derhhhhhh), and of course ice cream. So when I do suck it up for a desert it has to be worth the results have to justify the means per say.

On the last trip to trader joes I was suggested to try a soy desert, supposedly just like ice cream but dairy free. I obliged just to stop hearing the rambling of a grocery bagger.(I do not care what kind of nutrigrain bar contains the most whole wheat damnit). So I picked a few up, they were like 4 bucks each so it wouldn’t be a huge loss, I’ve spent more on a mediocre scoop of ice cream before so i might as well just suck it up and take the L if it ends up tasting like Mother Earths gooch. I bought two of the suggested desserts. They sounded like badly translated english, “Soy Creamy”, like an alternative to a boba or something. I also picked up a regular cookie dough from a reputable brand for good measure.

I decided to try them all at the same time since I didnt feel like going back and forth for em. The Mango Vanilla one was quite possibly one of, if not, the best store bought item I’ve ever had for dessert. Both flavors were both present although the Mango not surprisingly had the more overpowering taste, however they meshed extremely well. Every bite I made sure to get a little bit of both as to not cheat my taste buds. The texture was somewhere in between the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and a sherbert. It was “creamy” but at the same time not heavy, closer to a sherbert but very much an ice “cream”.

The cherry chocolate chip also didn’t disappoint, the cherry flavor in the ice “cream” is what I imagine Natalie Portman’s bathwater reeks of, deliciousness. The chunks of cherries folded in kicked ass, and thats coming from an occasional fan(if its on I’ll watch, and if its there i’ll eat it). The one thing that detracted from this flavor was the chocolate chips. It could be they were too cold and I didnt have the patience for them to melt in my mouth, unlike the flavors of the rest of the creamys which were present immediately, no after taste deciphering. Then to end it I had a scoop of the Ben and Jerry’s, a somber reminder of the past of frozen desserts. It was bland, besides that I have no other words for it, I had no reaction to it but eh.

Needless to say, the Mango/Vanilla will be copped upon my next venture into Trader Jose’s

“A wha?” “A Mcgangbang”

So I’ve heard the hooplah. The past couple weeks the mcgangbang has been blowing up. I didnt even know about it until about a month ago. I decided go to my local mcdonalds after I get off work, starved all day because I wanted to make sure I was hungry, because even shitty food taste good if you’re hungry. I get to the intercom, giddy as a female dog because i get to say a dirty word. “Could I get a mcgangbang and a medium fry” “A wha?” “A Mcgangbang” “I don kno wha that is sir”. After two minutes of trying to explain it I said screw it and ordered a mcchicken and two double cheeseburgers (one to pregame, men only). After the first double cheeseburger I decided to assemble the monstrosity. It was a bittersweet montage of processed cheese and meat parts formulated to look like edible, however, this is why I like McDonalds, and why after not eating there for 2 1/2 years the past couple of months I’ve been beastin there. It’s because there food has always been the same, the cheeseburgers taste the same since I was a kid, the frys the same.


But enough going off topic, the sandwhich was mediocre. It was basically a double cheeseburger with filler in the middle, I had never had a mcchicken before (avid Carls Jr. Spicy Chicken supporter, eat like a king for $1 chea) so it was very dissapointing, it tasted like nothing, and I mean nothing. Water is a flavor explosion compared to a mcchicken. Now I’m sitting here questioning why I did it, why eat this shit, peer pressure, and going balls to the wall before new years resolutions begin